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The software is a set of program, data or instruction to perform a specific task. example of software are Microsoft office, firefox, even your computer Operating System is a software.

Softwares help us to solve some problem or they perform a specific task like in firefox we can browse the Internet, in Microsoft office we can read or compose any documents.

Types of Software

There are basically 4 types of software-

1. System Software

System Software are those, works as the interface between System hardware and applications. Example- OS, system drivers, server.

So to understand it lets take an example- vlc is a media application, it used to play media but it can’t directly interface with system hardware like speakers, but vlc communicate with system software and drivers, and these software works as a interface between speakers and vlc.

2. Application Software

Application Software are those software who perform a specific task.

Like firefox, it specific task is to serf internet, Adobe Photoshop is used to edit photos. and they are easily available in market.

3. Programing Software

Programing Softwares are helps to builds other software.

Like Sublime Text is used to write program for other software, debugger and more

4. Custom Software

As the name suggest custom, means a software design and developed according to client need.

For example, if a school need a attendence software and he hire a software firm, that firm develope a software exactly so that the software can fulfill all his requirements of school.

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