Cosmic Byte H3 Gaming Headphone with Mic India 2021

(7 customer reviews)

Cosmic Byte H3 Gaming Headphone with Mic (Blue)


Driver size: 50mm

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Cable Length: 2.1m

Mic Switch

Volume Controller

Single 3.5mm Jack for Audio and Mic.

Compatible with PS4, Mobiles, Xbox One, Tablets, Laptops, PC



I was looking for a decent gaming headset around 1k and this beast looked good on papers. I have many other products from CosmicByte so I was pretty confident that it will be of good quality. I consider myself a bit of an audiophile so I wanted something with good sound but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a high end headset.

The entire casing is glossy plastic with some leather cushioning at the headband and ear cups.It feels very sturdy and looks much expensive than the actual price.The build Quality is very nice with some attractive designing. Especially the blue coloured one.There are lights (blue) in the cups themselves, which light up when they’re powered by the USB giving it a gaming Essence.

The lengthy cables are very well constructed with premium fabric coating.It is very long ,as its meant to be used with desktop and laptops .In the middle it has a very familiar Control buttons ,Used for Volume controlling and triggering the MIC.It also lights up(blue) when the MIC is idle.
At the end you have a USB connector for PC connection which intern is very well coated. Seems like it will stand extended use and abuse.

This is the most needed thing when you talk about headsets.And when its gaming ,you can’t do without it.
These headset have the idle sized ear cups which were suitable for my type.The cups are well padded and are extremely smooth. When you put them for the first time it feels very comfortable. But on extended use, you may experience little bit of sweating .Especially on humid days.The cups wrap up your ears very well providing good Isolation from the surrounding sound. Also they are not the lightest of the headset

You can also adjust the headbands upon your comfort. it is reinforced and to be precise , offers multi level height adjustment for the perfect fit


The sound quality is Very impressive actually.The Output is very clear and avoids muddy bass .With that I don’t mean that the bass output is poor.In Fact its idle for gaming. As said ,it provides good sound isolation which is very important for a gaming headset.Also the sound is very pure in my opinion.

The padding helps with background noise cancelling so you can really focus in on what you’re listening to. Also, these headphones have their own volume control, so you don’t have to rely on your system volume settings. Feel free to set everything at max and you can adjust it on the headphones themselves.

Well I only use Gaming headset for CS GO.And I think I am getting extremely good sound output. CS GO doesn’t have good sound localization, So I can’t comment about the surround sound. Anyway, it was better than normal headsets, and it will pick up everything you need from them to react before the other person on the other side still using his/her stereo headset.

Is it suitable for music? Yes ,absolutely good.The lows and highs are well balanced.The sound quality is very premium & pretty eargasmic.

The MIC input is crystal clear and offers noise cancellation.Even though it’s a bit far and you can rotate it at one angle up to 160degree only, It PICKS up your voice very clearly.

Finally i think you are getting a very good Gaming headset for the price.The build and sound output was better than my expectations.
Overall I am very satisfied and I would surely recommend these for anyone who need some good looking and performing headset for gaming.

7 reviews for Cosmic Byte H3 Gaming Headphone with Mic India 2021

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