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Operating System or OS

What is an Operating System

Operating System
Operating System

An operating system is a large set of programs, that control and manage the Hardware and software resources in a computer, mobile or tab devices.

OS is a set of the program which is work as a mediator for software and hardware.

OS communicate with hardware with the help of a kernel. kernel works like a bridge between hardware and OS.

So a software or an application can do any work without worrying about any hardware interface problem.

When ever a software need any hardwre it tells to OS and OS can do all hardware things for Application.

Components of an Operating System

There are many components of OS or Operating System is comprised of number of peaces.

1. Bootloader

The bootloader is a set of code run before the system starts. So it is the first thing which runs just after the powerup of system.

It contains the methods of way to boot kernel and command for debugging the kernel. Bootloader is specific for every Operating System

2. Kernel

Kernel is a bridge between software and hardware of a system, So that a software can communicate with hardware like CPU, I/O devices etc. and use there resources.

3. Daemons

It’s software that control backgraound process, rather than under the direct control of a user.

Different types of Operating System

There are lots of devices presents in market and we are using them in our daily life, like mobile and computer. These devices use different OS, so lets a know about them.

Computer OS

Microsoft window is the mostly used OS out there, and in windows window 7 is run in mostly computers. but there are also other OS for computers, some of them are listed below-

Mobile phone OS

In mobile phones the most used os is google android, and some other are-

  • Android OS (Google Inc.)
  • Bada (Samsung Electronics)
  • BlackBerry OS (Research In Motion)
  • iPhone OS / iOS (Apple)
  • MeeGo OS (Nokia and Intel)
  • Palm OS (Garnet OS)
  • Symbian OS (Nokia)
  • webOS (Palm/HP)

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