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What is Linux

Linux is a Free and Open-Source, Linux Kernel based operating system (GNU Linux). First released on September 17, 1991 by Linus Torvalds. There are many versions (just call them version to understand easily ) out there called by Distributions or Destro in short. Like Arch Linux, ubuntu, mint, Redhat etc.

Why Linux

The thought behind developing Linux is making it very customizable for the user because the window is bounding the user and can’t be customised.

So the main motive to use it because it is very customizable, Even you can customize it’s Kernel according to your need.

Most important is that Linux is open-source and free to use, Most of the users are using it because it is very much secure than other OS.

Another resion to use it is because it is very light weighted, So you can run it in every low and old hardware system.

Uses of Linux

Linux is used in many ways, You may know or not but you are probelly using Linux in your daily life, Linux is mostly using OS worldwide. below are the main uses of Kernel-

Use of Linux in web-Server

Linux is mostly used in web-servers, because the space of web-server is very important and costly and Linux is very light weighted OS, And it is a secure OS than other. Widely used Linux for web-server purpose is RedHat.

Use of Linux in Android devices

Are you surprised?…..

Linux is the base of Android OS, The kernel used in Android based device is Linux-Kernel, in smart-watch etc.

How Linux is differ form Microsoft Window

First of all, Linux is open-source so it is free to use and on the other side Microsoft window is paid and some of it’s software are also pail.

We can customise Linux according to our need, but Microsoft Window is very bounded, a user can only customise very little things in Window.

Linux is secure OS then Microsoft Window, If you don’t want any kind of Antivirus in Linux that’s fine but you must need an Antivirus in Window.

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