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What is Linux Distribution or Destro

In simple words, Linux Destro or Distributions are the different versions of Linux OS with the different type of Packages for a different purpose. A user Download and install a Linux Destro to use Linux Operating System.

There are numbers of Linux Destro out there with there specific uses.

,Actually all destro have a slightly different structure, but what makes them specific task friendly are the packages installed in these destros.

Linux Destro list

1) Ubuntu

It is most commonly used Linux Destro. It is most similar to Microsoft window that makes it easy to use for new user. For official link click here.

2) Arch linux

It is another famous Linux for advance users. Main feater of Arch Linux is that user can install main pakges according to him/her from the bigning. For official link click here.

3) RetHat


It is an open-source software product to the enterprise community. It is used in the server. For official link click here.

4) Kali Linux

This is most popular among digital forensics and penetration testing. It comes with preinstalled pakages and software for pentration testing. For official link click here.

5) Fedora

It is a community-supported Fedora Project and sponsored by RetHat. Fedora also has a very impressive graphical desktop environment. For official link click here.

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