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IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things (IOT) as name suggest the Internet. So we can say IOT is all about or related to the Internet.

To interconnect all the devices, accessories, appliances, pets (pat tracking devices), instruments through the internet mainly called by the Internet of Things or IOT.

Advantages of IOT

In this era of the internet and technology. we are surrounded by hi-tech gadgetsthe.

Now everything we use in our daily life are hi-tech device and appliances. Like door lock system, AC, house light system, cctv cameras, even the pet tracking system.

One of the main feature of these appliances and devices are the ability to connect through the internet with Your smartphone or smart device.

Now you have the power to operate and control everything. Which can connected to your phone through the internet from anywhere.

If you are a pet owner, you can understand how tought is to leave you pet alone at home. But with a pet tracking device you can track every movement of your pet. There are also maney advantages of IOT.

Most Dangerous thing about IOT

As the internet is the most useful thing for us but it is also very dangerous for us. There are both types of good and bad people are on the internet and those bad people are very dangerous for us, They may be hacker.

Hackers can stole our data and in IOT era the can hack our device and then the whole thing which are conneted to it are under control to the hacker. That hacker then can do everything wrong with us whatever he want.

Hackers also syp on us, our privecy may be compremise.

So the bottom line of IOT is- IOT makes our life easy, but also resky. Hey but don’t worry there are more good people then bad people around us and on internet and those good people are also working to keep safe the IOT. So enjoy your life and use IOT.

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