In simple words, the Internet is the interconnection of different networks, connectable device worldwide and to world wide web, Through any physical connection.

These different networks are also interconnected to all connectable devices worldwide. Like computers, phones.

Who owns internet

Internet is owns by no one or internet is owns by everyone.

Are you understand it?.. No..

You must be thinking, if no one is owner of internet then whome we paying.

Ok, so let’s get started. To interconnect all networks and devices, we should have a connecting medium those are cables/satellite to interconnect continents, and in the local area, it can be any service provider.

so these are only investing money to connect devices and to the World Wide Web (www).

Ya, I think you got it, we are paying those people/company who invested in it or connecting us to others, we are just paying for transferring data.

Can anyone shut down Internet

No, Right no one can do it because the internet is not controlled from any particular point like it doesn’t have any centre point, like shown in this image.

choupalxsocial-media-3846597_1280-1024x646 Internet
Internet and it’s structure

So any of the connection is break, it can communicate with other path.

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