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How to install multiple operating systems on one computer

Hey, you want to try another operating system without switching your existing Operating system. Cool, Here we discuss, how to install multiple operating systems in one computer.

We have mainly two ways to do so and in this blog, we will talk about both the ways. So let’s get started and unveiled those methods-

Dual Booting

Dual Booting is a method to run two Operating System in a single machine, But this method is a little bit tricky.

In this method we install two different operating sytem in different Partition of a Disk. On booting, system asks for the operating system you want to run.

Main problems with this method are, It is little bit complicated to install two different OS on a single Drive and another is you can only run one OS at a time and another is Every time we need to reboot the system to switch between them.

To know more about DUAL BOOT click here.

And to know, how to dual boot Linux with Windows 10 step by step click Here.

Virtual machine

It is the easiest way to run two or more Operating systems in an existing operating system. But to use this way your Computer should have fine specification like at least 4GB of RAM, i3 processor.

What is Virtual machine

A virtual machine is basically an emulator of computer system. It’s a software who behave like a full machine/computer hardware for Operating system.

In it, we can run too many operating systems at a time but The main problem with it is, It requires a fine machine or computer.

Following are the list of some most popular Virtual Machine.


VM VirtualBox- run multi-os
VM VirtualBox

Oracle VM VirtualBox is a free and open-source Virtual Machine. Development by Oracle Corporation. It is one of the popular VM out there.

It is easy to install in any operating system and also easy to install any operating system in it.

To download VirtualBox click here.

VMware Workstation

VMWare Workstation to run multiple os
Vmware Workstation

It is another free application to run Multiple operating systems at a time in a single machine.

VMware Workstation is easy to install and easy to work with it. You can easily switch between any of your operating system.

Main problem with this type of software is, they use too much resources of the system.

VMware also have other versions, another famous application is Vmware Workstation player.

To download VirtualBox click here.

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