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Dual Boot

Different Operating Systems have different speciality or different types of applications. Sometimes you need windows OS and some time Linux OS or some other OS, But there is always a limitation, that we can install only one OS in a Machine/Computer, So we need to limit yourself.

But not now, because here we have an option to install any two OS in a single computer called by Dual Boot.

What is Dual Boot

Dual Boot or multiboot is a Way to install and run two or more Operating Systems in one HardDrive of a computer.

On booting the boot manager open every time instead of an Operating System.

On Booting the boot manager shows both the Operating systems and then you can choose the OS you wish to use.

Will dual booting slow down your system?

boot time screen of dual boot computer
Dual Boot menu

NO, Dual Booting will not slow down your system because it’s not running both the Operating System at the same time.

But it will increase the boot time because it gives an option to choose between OS and then it stars normally like an Operating System.

Thinks to keep in mind before Dual Booting

First of all keep in mind, to Dual Boot Linux and Windows you have to first install Windows and then Dual boot Linux with it.

Because Windows is not created to dual boot with any other Operating Systems. On installing windows in preinstalled Linux, It will overwrite on Linux boot manager.

Second thing is, Before Dual Booting please BackUp your important Data. Because Dual Booting is not standard in Computers, Mistakes can happen during dual booting, Like you formate disk mistakenly.

Now I think you are ready to go for dual booting your System. So to start step by step click below link to jump into it-

How to Dual Boot Linux with Windows

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