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How to Dual Boot Linux with Windows 10?

So finally you are going to Dual Boot your computer, thats great. So Let’s start-

If you want to know about dual boot click here.

We can have two types of HardDrive or computer and both have different initial steps to dual boot.

  1. Preinstalled Microsoft Windows Operating System
  2. A clean HardDrive

Follow these steps to dual boot

1. Create Bootable Disk or Pendrive

To install any Operating System first we need to create a bootable pendrive for both the OS. Don’t create a Microsoft windows bootable pendrive if Windows is preinstalled.

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to create bootable pendrive for Microsoft Windows.

Etcher to Create Bootable Pendrive for Linux. (It’s not the only one but it is best).

To download Ubuntu Click Here.

2. Install or Prepare Microsoft Windows for Dual Boot

Skip this step if you Microsoft Windows is already installed in your System. But you need to create a disk partition for Linux rather than C drive.

1. Install Microsoft Windows 10

I suppose you have a windows 10 bootable Disk/PenDrive.

First of all insart the pendrive in port and switch on the computer and when you see the logo on screen press Boot Menu Option key.

In case you Don’t know the Boot Menu Option Key of your computer CLICK HERE.

Select the pen-drive or Windows 10 using up-down arrow key and then press enter.

Now the windows 10 installation process is starts and a screen is open like shown below, Where you have to select your language and press next.

Select Language

Now the next window is to start snstallation, and click in Install now button to start Installation.

Install windows
Install now screen

In next step you have to fill Activation key. If you don’t have now, click on I don’t have a product key. It will skip this step and you can activate your windows later.

Install windows
Insert installation key

Now Select hte ooperating system (you can select Windows 10 Home) and click on next button.

Install windows
Select the windows type

Chack the Accept the license terms box and click on next.

Install windows
License Terms

Here is the iportant point to dual boot click on Custom: Installation.

Install windows
Installation Type

Now you can see disk space and all Disk partitions. If there is not any drive is allocated for Linux then create one by clicking on NEW.

Install windows

After pressing new, You have to allocate the disk space. You can allocate as you want. Generally, 30GB is enough for Linux.

Install windows

You have to create at least 3 Partition. One for Windows second for Linux and last for Other file Storage.

After creating all partition press next. Now the Windows installation process is start.

Install windows

Now waite for the Finishing up the installation.

Install windows

Congratullation you have installed window and you complited half of your work.

Install windows

Install Linux

Ok, till now you have installed windows 10 and create a partition for Linux.

To dual boot Linux, You can choose whatever Linux Destro you want and you can check the Best Desto for Beginners by Clicking Here. The Installation process is pretty much same for every Linux Destro.

Here we are going to Installing Ubuntu.

Installing Ubuntu

Main Difference between regular Ubuntu installation a dual boot Installation is, You need to do manual disk partition and choose the right partition to install Linux (in this case Ubuntu) for dual boot.

To install ubuntu insert you Ubuntu Bootable Pen-Drive or Disk in port and restart your System.

When the logo appears on the screen, start pressing the Boot menu option key of your system. It will land you on the Boot menu option and then click on Boot by Pendrive or Linux.

Now you see a window like shown in below image. Click on Install Ubuntu.

Dual boot

Select your prefered language and click on Contunue.

Dual boot

In this, you have to choose the software according to your need. The normal installation installs almost every normal or daily used software for you. So select it and click Continue.

Dual boot

Here you get the dual boot option, In this Ubuntu detect pre-installed windows 10 in the system, So we do not need to do manual partition. So now select Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 and continue.

Dual boot

In this step, you need to select the root and create a SWAP partition. Select that one partition that we created for Linux during the installation of windows 10.

In below as we can see that the boot loader allow us to boot both windows 10 and Linux form there, So it open boot loader during booting up the system.

Dual boot

After selecting the right partition, allot the space to root and SWAP (2*RAM) partition.

Dual boot

Now conform and continue.

Dual boot

Also select the mount point for every partition and click on continue.

Dual boot

Here you can select your Time Zone and continue.

Dual boot

Fill the information and password to create account and press continue.

Dual boot

After completion of Installation Restart your system by clicking on the Restart Now button.

Dual boot

After restarting System open boot menu or GRUB in this case and now you need to choose which Operating System you want to use.

Dual boot

Wow, now we are successfully Dual Booted our System and we are ready to go.

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