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Disk Partition

Disk Partition is, the creation or parting the computer’s disk space, For different use and can be managed separately. These spaces are called Partition.

After partition, all the partitions are shown as a different disk. Like C drive, D drive in windows or as you named it.

The Partition table is the information about size and location of partition which is stored in the disk.

Benifits of Disk Partitions

It is very beneficial to distribute your Drive into different partitions. It is good to separate your Installed Operating System from your regular files. So creating a separate partition for your OS.

When you are a Movie lover or a games lover, then you realise how difficult to manage your things in one partition. So it’s better to place your different things in different partitions.

When you plane to Dual Boot your system then you can install Different OS in different partions.

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