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What is Hacking

Hacking is a way to penetrate and getting confidential data from any secure system.

In general, hacking is called everything related to finding data or entering in any secure system from loopholes.

And the Person who perform these activity called Hacker.

Importance of Ethical Hacking in todays world

In Today’s Digital world, As it is easy to connect and find everything on a fingur tip but for bad people/Hackers it’s also easy to find more and more information about a persion.

So as the bad Hackers are increasing around us, We need good hackers called Ethical Hackers to secure our system and our privacy.

Types of Hacking

There are Mainly three types of hacking or hackers-

1. White Hat Hacking

White Hat Hacking is also known as Ethical Hacking/Hackers. These hackers help people/company to secure there data and system.

They first leg ugly take permission from the owner or some time they are hired by some people or company to pen test their system and then find a solution to secure the system.

These hackers helps people. They make a curer in This field.

2. Black Hat Hacking

You often Heard in the news that someone stole money from bank online, or some one/ hacker stole data of company/person.

These type of hackers are called by Black Hat hackers.

Black Hat hackers are use there hacking knowladge to make online crime. they are

3. Gray Hat Hacking

Gray Hat hackers are in between White Hat hackers and Black Hat hackers. We can They use 90-95% White Hat and 5-10% Black hat hacking.

They don’t steal money or data but they hack the website and other things. They do hacking experiments, Gray Hat hackers also don’t helps people but they can if they want.

Botom Line

If you use hacking with a good motive it is white hat hacking but for bad reason its black hat. It is most important to use your power/skills for good reason and to improve the world.

Some important Links-

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