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Best Linux Destro for beginners

If you are non-Linux user or windows user and want to switch into Linux but not sure, which Linux Destro you should start with, because Linux is a bit complicated Operating System for beginner.

For beginners here are some of the best Destro which are pretty much like Microsoft Window.

1) Ubuntu

Ubuntu Linux for beginer,
Ubuntu LInux

Ubuntu Linux is in number first position on our list because of its user-friendly environment which is pretty much like window. so it is very famous among new Linux user or who switched from Microsoft Window to Linux.

It is based on Debian. It is relased in 2004 in three editions: Desktop, Server, and Core. It one of the easiest and mostly using environments out there.

What we like About It

  • Large community
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Understand

Download Link – click Here

2) Linux Mint

Linux for beginer-Linux Mint
Linux Mint

Linux Mint is another easy to use Ubuntu and Debian based Linux Distribution.

What we like About It

  • Large community
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy user interface

Download page – click here

3) Elementary OS

elementary os
Elementary OS

In this list on third number we have Elementary OS, since we discus for those user who are moving from window but Elementary OS is for those who are coming from iOS background. Elementary OS is just like iOS but in Linux version.

Elementary OS is very light weighted and easy to user, can run in any old machine.

What we like About It

  • Very light weighted
  • Customizing Desktop Environment
  • Easy to use
  • One of the fastest OS

TO Download it – click here

4) Manjaro Linux

manjaro linux
Manjaro Linux

If you want a advance Linux destro but in easy way or easy to use, Manjaro is best sute for you.

Manjaro is an Arch-based Linux Destro, We can say it is an Arch Linux but easy to install and use.

What we like About It

  • Large community
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to use

TO Download Manjaro Linux – click here

5) Zorin OS

zorin OS
Zorin OS

If you are a window lover but want to switch into Linux, I think you love Zorin OS. Zorin call itself a replacement of Window and IOS. It comes with priloaded evironment for everyday uses.

Zorin OS comes with Zorin Desktop Environment. It is very much of window and very familiar for window user.

What we like About It

  • User-friendly
  • Window like interface
  • It is Fast

TO Download Manjaro Linux – click here

Bottom line

If you are willing to switch into Linux That’s greate and you can choose one of the above Linux destro accorting to your choice.

My recommendation is Manjaro and Mint Linux. I’m using Manjaro Linux and I am having very great experience with it.

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