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What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Have you watch the movie Terminator? the whole movie is based on AI. and we can say Artificial Intelligence or AI.

Artificial Intelligence made of two words Artificial and Intelligence, the meaning of Artificial is non-natural or made by human and Intelligence meaning is to understand and think.

Artificial Intelligence

We can define AI as “The pertains to the vicinity of engineering and science focusing on creating the machines as smart as the humans”. Machine learning is an application of AI.

AI created to be fitted to position on behaviours that human esteem as intelligent, Like Simulation of human behaviours (consider as intelligent) via the usage of machines. It is all concerned with creating thintelligent computer programs.

The major goal behind our adoption of AI is to allow a machine to detect, crack and analyze the problems in parallel.

Why do we need AI?

The integration of AI to the computer applications, assists to create much more efficient and productive systems. The opportunity in your form of AI is tough and effective at the same time.

The information amount creation has made it impossible for us to manage, i.e.
It’s exceeded the overcoming of people that they can extract the valuable info out of it.

The skilled professionals in the arena of data science with the experience and their skill sets try to create correlations between different inputs in order to draw out a particular output.

But together with the sheer volume of data, it became relatively impossible has to correlate every possible input. This is where AI might help.

Incorporating AI in the systems allows you purify the raw facts to useful and palatable information. The driver seat in the arena of artificial intelligence are managed by the fresh and innovative codes usually referred to as algorithms.

How does an AI works

Let’s consider an example to understand how a AI works:

Facebook is a very popular social network platform. Facebook deciphers there user’s likes, there user activities etc. And then determine what all content and mainly ads is to be placed on users news feed.

The longer the time you stay active on Facebook or provide more information to facebook, the increasingly more data is being created and stored in the warehouse.

The systems incorporated with artificial intelligence use deep learning to get your incessant feedbacks on its algorithms as users interact.

This way the algorithms usually Referred to as coding, help the Facebook to examine the interactions of the users to ascertain your content to be mentioned on your news feed.

Examples of AI technology

  • Advertising

We can see the widely use of AI in ads in our everyday life, like the google ads and Facebook ads. when we surf the internet the ads that are shown to are usually related to that we searched.

  • Automotive

Have you heard about the Tesla auto-driving cars, right actually they are AI powered.

  • Video Games

AI is widely used in Video Games, the bot who are computer player are called bot and are AI powered.

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